Architectural Digest Middle East | February 22, 2024 : Article about our Greenwich Village Masonette Project “Inside a Modern New York Townhouse That Once Was a Meat Warehouse”

New View Northeast, Benton Buckley Books, 2023: Book of the works of architects in the Northeast features our Soho Townhouse project.

The Real Deal | November 15, 2022: Article about construction costs “Townhouse renovation costs are falling – except in the luxury market”

New York Interiors – Simon Upton, Vendome: 2021:  Featuring our Fifth Avenue Maisonette Project with Julie Hillman Design.

The Real Deal | June 7, 2021: Article about our Brooklyn Heights Townhouse 2 “Brooklyn’s Priciest Rental Will Run You $30,000”

Elle Decor Online | June 4, 2021: Article about our Fifth Avenue Maisonette Project with designer Julie Hillman “A McKim, Mead & White Apartment That Gets Better With Age”

Brick Underground | July 14, 2020:  Featured in article “Want to add a roof deck to your NYC townhouse? Here’s what to consider.”

Forbes | November 30, 2019:  “Rare Soho Penthouse Mansion Rents for $90,000 Per Month” about Soho Townhouse project.

Brick Underground | October 28, 2019:  Featured in article “How to find the best contractor to renovate your NYC brownstone.”

By Design | 2018:  Web based video series discussing 3D design and virtual reality in architectural firms.

Industry Magazine | August 2015:  Featuring our Brooklyn Heights Townhouse project.

Design Brooklyn- Hellman, Abrams | 2013:  Featuring our Brooklyn Heights Townhouse project.

The New York Times- NY/Region Section | June 26, 2012:  Featured in article about awnings on historic buildings.

Design Bureau Magazine | Jan/Feb 2012:  Article featuring Brooklyn Heights Townhouse.

VOGUE Living- Houses Gardens People- Alfred A. Knopf | 2007:  Features the Krakoff Residence.

New York 2000 Architecture and Urbanism Between the Bicentennial and the New Millenium- Robert A.M. Stern, David Fishman and Jacob Trilove, The Monacelli Press | 2006: 60 Warren Street project cited as 1 of 2 examples of rooftop additions between 1976 and 2000.

The New York Times- Real Estate Section | February 12, 2006:  Krakoff Residence and JVA web site mentioned in article.

VOGUE | March 2005:  Photo of Verglas Studio Bathroom featuring custom glass bathtub designed by JVA.

Creating the New American Townhouse- Gorlin, Rizzoli | 2005:  The Krakoff Residence is 1 of 7 projects featured in this book about townhouse design.

New York Magazine | March 22, 2004:  Quoted in article about Tribeca land prices in Williamsburg.

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The New York Times- Real Estate Section | July 30 2000:  Cover page article on developments in Tribeca, featuring 169 Hudson and 60 Warren Street Projects.

The New York Times- Real Estate Section | July 11, 2000:  Cover page article features 169 Hudson Street Project.

The New York Times- Real Estate Section | October, 24 1999:  Cover page article features 60 Warren Street Project.

Brooklyn Bridge Magazine | March 1998:  Quoted on the importance of natural light in residential interiors and techniques for enhancing it.

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Architectural Record | June 1995:  Authored article, “Designing on the Computer.”

Progressive Architecture | June 1995:  Quoted on the current state of the profession and sole-proprietorship practices.

CNN Headlines News | May 28, 1995:  Segment on the DIFFA auction featured the “Safe Sex Loveseat” designed by JVA for DIFFA Benefit with client, Susan Sarandon and fashion designer, Todd Oldham.

The New York Times- HOME Section | May 4 1995:  Article about furniture JVA designed for DIFFA benefit with clients, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins.

New York Newsday | May 18, 1995:  Article about the furniture JVA designed for DIFFA Benefit with clients, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins.

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New York Construction News | November 8, 1993

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NY1 TV Interview:  Greenpoint Waterfront | July 29, 2002.