Tribeca Building Renovation & Restoration

Located in Tribeca, the “Roebling Building” was built in 1894 as a storage facility and we converted it to residential lofts. The project required a Special Permit process with the Landmarks Preservation Commission that allowed the conversion with a very detailed restoration required. We added a rooftop addition creating two duplex penthouse units. Drawings by the original architect depicted a decorative frontispiece that was never built, but we adapted the design and added it to the building during the restoration to conceal the new elevator bulkheads on the roof. The rear of the building, fully visible through a parking lot, was restored including the installation of solid steel shutters replicating the original ones. While these are normally affixed flat to the wall surface, we had them welded in randomly open positions, maintaining the original look of the building. It was featured in The New York Times.