Brooklyn Heights Townhouse Renovation & Restoration

Originally built in 1900, we converted this 5 family townhouse in the Brooklyn Heights Historic District to a single family residence. We added a 2 car garage, rooftop terrace, and fully restored the exterior facade, referencing tax lot photos.

We refer to the project as the House of Light. We always take great strides to bring natural light into the homes we create so we were very excited to work on this corner house.

While there were existing windows on 3 sides, the main circulation through the house was dark as the stair was located on the side with no windows. We moved it to the center with landings facing the street, creating a stairwell with windows on every floor. This location had the added benefit of allowing hallways on both sides of the Parlor and Master Suite floors. This allows two paths connecting the living and dining area to the kitchen, and a private back hall on the Master Suite floor from the bedroom to the bathroom and closet areas. In the end, no matter which direction you walk in this house you are always walking toward light.

Also a rarity for Brooklyn Heights, we obtained permission from the Landmarks Commission to build a new garage where there was originally a parking space behind doors.  We then installed an internal lift, so there is one car at street level and another below.